Wednesday, August 21

4 Months Old!

I am in love with my Kaylee girl! She brings such joy to us every day! While we have our tough days, she's been so fun to get to know and see her grow. She's now four month old, weighs 13 lbs 8 oz, and is 25 inches tall! She can roll over and hold her head up. She loves to grab for things (especially my hair) and is so incredibly friendly. Everyone comments about her pretty eyes (we're pretty sure they're going to be blue) and her calm relaxed personality (she gets that from Garrett). It's fun though to see her little quirks that are just like mine. We often do the same things in different situations (tired, hungry, happy, sleeping....). Garrett said he even found us asleep and we were both in the exact same pose. Yup, she's definitely our little girl and we fall more and more in love with her every day!

And meltdown!

Of course I had to capture Kaylee with her favorite toy. She loves her teddy bear! When she's upset I just have to rattle it and give it to her and she attacks it with loves. Just last night she woke up and was having a hard time falling asleep so I gave her the bear and she crashed almost immediately while hugging her teddy bear. Love it!

Saturday, August 3

The Many Faces of Kaylee #2

The Many Faces of Kaylee #1

First time swimming

Well, sort of. Her first time was in Utah at the beginning of July but she spent all of two minutes in the pool before she wanted to get out and be in a blanket the rest of the time. This time she lasted ten minutes and she was in her new swimsuit and floppy hat :-) Isn't she the cutest!!!