Tuesday, September 17

5 Months Old!

It’s crazy how much Kaylee has grown as well as how much our love for our little girl has grown too! She makes me happier and happier every day and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.
Not every day is easy, but she makes it all worth it when she laughs, gives me smiles, and tries to kiss me back (which looks a lot like her eating my face).
She’s such an independent little miss and I see her personality is a lot like mine – which may or may not be a good thing. She loves to eat like a big girl (yup, we’ve already moved to rice cereal – she’s hungry ALL THE TIME) and usually gets angry if I’m eating and she’s not (she’s constantly grabbing for my food and waterbottle). And she really likes to “feed” herself – which means she likes to shove her spoon into her mouth along with as many fingers as possible and suck on all of them at the same time.
And don’t get me started on cell phones – I try not to use mine when I’m playing with her/when she’s awake. But every time she sees it she just wants to play with it. And she know the difference between my phone and our old non-working phones that look almost the exact same. Oy vey!
She loves to jabber to herself and to me but is still shy/quiet around others.
She loves her daddy, even though she gives him a hard time when he tries to put her to bed.
She loves to snuggle – about once a day she won’t go down for a nap unless I lay down with her on our bed and hold her close. She takes her hands and grabs my cheeks and pats my face and holds my hands to her face. It’s so sweet!
And she likes to be tickled – a lot. I know all the best places and she’s even started to laugh when I “threaten” to tickle her. She smiles when we come and get her in the morning/after naps and loves to fold in half to eat her feet.
Her favorite tricks include rolling over, hanging upside down with Daddy, playing on Daddy’s shoulders, and is really good at spitting/buzzing her lips (not sure if there’s a word for it).
All in all, she’s one amazing, sweet, happy (most of the time) little girl. And she’s ours! And we love her! A WHOLE LOT!

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