Friday, September 20

Blessing Dress

I'm blessed to have amazing "crafters" in my family. My mom is AMAZING at sewing and quilting and made Kaylee this blessing dress for her as well as the yellow and white quilt that has served as the backdrop for all of Kaylee's monthly photos. Isn't it a beautiful dress?! I hope my mom can forgive me for taking so long to get photos of Kaylee in it. We went to Utah when Kaylee was two month old for her blessing and there was so much going on that I never had the chance to take any proper photos. Luckily Kaylee still fits in the dress! Kaylee hasn't grown to be much of a "chunker" but instead has just grown extremely long so it still fit her around her waist! Oh, happy day!

We might try to get a few more photos of Kaylee in her dress on another day when Garrett is home - Kaylee is such a mover and while she can't sit up yet on her own (her upper body is so long that she just wobbles!) she just can't seem to sit still - which is why there's only a few actual photos of Kaylee in the dress and more of the dress. (I literally only took about 12 photos of Kaylee in the dress! These are the ones that were in focus 'cause she's such a wiggle-butt!)

Oh, and the white blanket around Kaylee in her pictures? Made by my Grandma Packard. She's made one for all of her grandchildren for their first child. I remember her making mine when I was around the age of eight. It's been tucked away safely for all these years and I'm so happy to finally let Kaylee use it! She loves it - probably because there's lots of holes for her to grab on to (I gotta watch her with it to make sure she doesn't do anything to it!). But I truly love this blanket. It's so wonderful that all three of these pieces can be passed on - what a wonderful memory for me and Kaylee to have!

Love you Mom and Grandma!!


  1. The pictures all look great! This is memorable. Hadn't thought about all 3 pieces being your heirlooms. Love you.