Thursday, October 17

Kaylee: 6 Months

At her six month appointment Kaylee weighed in at 15 lbs and 7 oz (30%) and measured 26.25" (60%) and she is one happy little girl! 

Here are her funny little quirks/accomplishments
  • She can make the craziest noises - they're kind of impossible to describe - but they're hilarious
  • She's a total spaz (we call her spaz-bucket)
  • She loves to climb all over her mommy (that's when we call her monkey)
  • She has TWO TEETH! And they're super sharp
  • She can sit up which means mommy can step away for a few minutes to actually accomplish something while she sits and plays
  • Her giggles are infectious
  • She loves to stick out her tongue
  • Her favorite place to be is on her daddy's shoulders
  • She gives kisses by trying to eat our cheeks
  • She can play 'peek a boo' and loves it!
  • Besides her toes, her daddy's glasses are one of her favorite chew toys
  • She loves to eat grown up food and would rather feed herself than let anyone feed her
  • She's quiet around large groups of people but once she's with mom or dad alone she's LOUD and loves to jabber away
  • Walks in her strollers are her favorite past time - she loves looking at all the squirrels in our complex
  • She really wants to crawl but isn't quite there yet
  • She snuggles with mommy a lot - morning naps are her favorite when she gets to snuggle next to mommy (mommy likes them too so she can get an extra hour of sleep!)
  • She still has the biggest eyes!
  • She loves her bear and her 'friend in the mirror'
  • Her favorite blanket is the one her great-grandma knitted for her before Kaylee was even thought of (when mommy was really little)
  • She is a fish - she loves the water and bath time is her favorite 'cause we let her swim around and play in the water well after she's finished getting clean
All in all, our little Kaylee is too much fun and we can't get enough of her!

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